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Science service
DNA/RNA extraction services

DNA extraction

  • DNA extraction (phenol:chloroform method)
  • DNA extraction (column method) using QIAGEN reagents
  • DNA extraction from FFPE blocks/FFPE slides using QIAGEN reagents
RNA extraction
  • Phenol:chloroform
DNA extraction from unusual materials

Library preparation
Whole-Genome sequencing
  • Preparation of a genome-wide library and its subsequent 150 bp pair-end sequencing.
  • Whole-genome library preparation using Swift Biosciences reagents
  • Library preparation for 100 bp whole-genome bisulfite sequencing. (60 GB data)
Whole-Exome sequencing
Preparation of a whole-exome library and its subsequent 150 bp pair-end sequencing.
Targeted analysis sequencing

Preparation of a target library and subsequent pair-ended sequencing of 150 bp.
Transcriptome sequencing
  • Library preparation for transcriptome sequencing (poly-A enrichment) using QIAGEN reagents (50 million reads)
  • Library preparation for miRNA sequencing using QIAGEN reagents (25 million reads)
Metagenomics: DNA sequencing
  • Preparation of 16S rRNA libraries (Regions 3 and 4)
  • Preparation of 16S rRNA libraries (all regions and ITS)
Sanger Sequencing and Fragment Analysis
Sanger Sequencing
Sanger sequencing is used to study a small subset of genes linked to a defined phenotype, confirm next-generation sequencing (NGS) variants, detect minor allele fractions down to 5%, or read contiguous sequences up to 1,000 bases.
Fragment Analysis
Fragment analysis is a powerful technique with simple, straightforward workflows and used in a wide-range of applications, such as detection of mutations, genotyping, identification of short tandem repeats, and gene expression profiling.
PCR Primer Design
Choosing appropriate primers is probably the single most important factor affecting the polymerase chain reaction (PCR). Specific amplification of the intended target requires that primers do not have matches to other targets in certain orientations and within certain distances that allow undesired amplification.
The process of designing specific primers typically involves two stages.

First, the primers flanking regions of interest are generated either manually or using software tools; then they are searched against an appropriate nucleotide sequence database using tools such as BLAST to examine the potential targets.

However, the latter is not an easy process as one needs to examine many details between primers and targets, such as the number and the positions of matched bases, the primer orientations and distance between forward and reverse primers.

The complexity of such analysis usually makes this a time-consuming and very difficult task for users, so we suggest delegating this task to our experienced specialists!

High Throughput Sequencing
Illumina sequencing platforms (MiSeq, NextSeq 500, Novaseq 6000)
Focused power on the MiSeq System

Access focused applications such as targeted resequencing, metagenomics, small genome sequencing, targeted gene expression profiling, and more. MiSeq reagents enable up to 15 Gb of output with 25 million sequencing reads and 2 × 300 bp read lengths.

Fuel your lab with NextSeq 550

The NextSeq 550 System combines tried-and-true instrument technologies and tunable output with sequencing and array capabilities. Users can run transcriptome, targeted resequencing, genotyping, and other applications all on one platform

NovaSeq 6000 Sequencing System is by far our most powerful instrument, designed to adapt to your needs so groundbreaking discoveries are always within reach. It's flexible, scalable science on your terms.
NovaSeq performs whole-genome sequencing more efficiently and cost-effectively than ever. Its scalable output generates up to 6 Tb and 20 billion reads in dual flow cell mode with simple streamlined automated workflows. Configure the system to sequence a trio in one day or up to 48 genomes in ~2 days for the most comprehensive coverage.

BGI sequencing platforms (BGISEQ500, MGISEQ2000)
BGI Human Genome Sequencing Service are performed with the BGISEQ-500 sequencing system, featuring cPAS and DNA Nanoballs (DNB™) technology for
Superior data quality.
• 100bp paired-end sequencing
• Raw data, standard and customized data analysis
• Available data storage and bioinformatics applications
Sequencing Quality Standard
• Guaranteed ≥80% of bases with quality score of ≥Q30
• Raw data is qualified
Turn Around Time
• Typical 40 working days from sample QC acceptance
to filtered raw data availability
• Expedited services is available, contact your local BGI
specialist for details
Microarray analysis

  • CytoScan™ Optima ArrayCytoScan™ 750K ArrayCytoScan™ HD ArrayOncoScan™ CNV Plus ArrayGeneChip miRNA 4.0 Array (от 10 образцов)
  • Clariom™ S Array (от 10 образцов)
  • Clariom™ D Array (от 10 образцов)
  • GeneChip™ Human Transcriptome Array

  • PMDA Assay
  • PMDA Plus Assay
  • Pharmaco
  • Scan Assay
  • Axiom Microbiome Assay
  • Reproductive Health
  • CarrierScan 1S Assay
  • CarrierScan 1S Assay
Other services
Next generation sequencing sample quality control

  • Library quality control (qPCR concentration measurement)
  • Library quality control (fluorometric concentration measurement - Qubit dsDNA HS assay, Qubit dsDNA BR assay, Qubit ssDNA HS assay)
  • Quality control of NGS libraries and samples (capillary electrophoresis, 1–48 samples)
  • Purification of the sample / library on magnetic particles
Test system development
  • Development of a test system for SNP detection using DNA probes
  • Development of a test system for determining the expression profile of one gene
  • Development of a test system for targeted NGS sequencing on Illumina platforms (up to 15 amplicons)
Project Implementation Planning
  • Initial consultation on the project (project topic, samples, methods, data analysis method)
  • Project management, partial (consultation and planning of specific project stages)
  • Project management, full (fulfillment of all stages on the basis of the Sesana laboratory)
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